Facts About Tanning Beds and Why They Should Scare You

Having that bronzed body will certainly cause heads to turn but the method of acquiring such a glorious tan can be bad for your health. Aside from bathing under the sun’s harmful rays, most people choose to go to tanning salons to give their pale skin a bit of color. What they don’t know is that letting UVA lights bake them for a few minutes can be the root cause of older looking skin in the long run.

Tanning salons may not be entirely truthful about the effects of using their service so here are a few facts that you should keep in mind in case you are looking for a way to achieve that sun-kissed skin.

  • Risk of Suffering from Melanoma is Increased – According to research, melanoma is the most dangerous of all the types of skin cancer out there which can be acquired after prolonged exposure to UV rays either from the sun or in tanning beds. Constant use of the tanning beds can increase your chances of suffering from melanoma by 75%.
  • Tanning Devices are Carcinogenic – During the peak of tanning beds studies have categorized them as probably carcinogenic but over the years it has been proven that they are indeed carcinogenic to humans meaning they are dangerous to use on a regular basis.
  • Addictive – There are some people who can’t seem to get enough of their tan. Constantly exposing yourself to tanning beds can have an adverse effect since it will become some kind of addiction to you. This is definitely unhealthy since you are exposing your body to harmful UV rays just like when you are constantly exposed to the heat of the sun.
  • Added Tax – In order to minimize people’s use of tanning beds, the government has increased the tax for these tanning salons. This can take a bite out of your savings but it is not enough to stop people from sliding into tanning beds for that bronzed look.

If skipping tanning beds is recommended, what about exposing yourself to the sun and go all natural in your quest for a darker skin? Although this is a good idea, keep in mind that the atmosphere has changed for the past few years meaning when you expose yourself to the sun nowadays you are at a larger risk of suffering from heat stroke and skin problems. However, you can still get that bronzed look if you limit your exposure to the sun or apply tanning lotions to achieve that gorgeous tan.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/05/2013

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