Facts you did not know about the President’s Day, USA

20th February, is the official holiday to celebrate the George Washington’s Birthday since 1885.

  • George Washington’s real birthday was 22nd February – for a long period the Washington’s Birthday was celebrated on its original date but the Uniform Monday Holiday Act proposed back in 1968 led the federal authorities to jumble up some of the holidays of the United States as a consequence of which the President’s day was shifted to 20th February.
  • After the changes in the public holiday, the name of the Washington’s Birthday was proposed to change to “President’s Day” according to a bill which was later on dropped. Hence, the designated name of the holiday is still “Washington’s Birthday”.
  • However, many states of the United States still use the term for reference of “President’s Day” for the celebration of their beloved president, George Washington. The people know this day with the same name even the signs of the celebrations say the in-existent name of this day.

Article publié pour la première fois le 20/02/2012

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