Famous People Who Received Knighthood

A knight is a man or a woman who had been given the title of Knighthood by a monarch for their loyal services to a royal family.  Traditionally in Europe, knights stood at the lower ranks of nobility and they’ve mostly acquired their position for chivalry. Since there are no more valiant horse-riding warriors to defend kingdoms, knighthood can now be bestowed for other contributions such as literature, music, science, arts and the most recent is technology.  Here are some celebrities, politicians and innovators that have been granted this accolade by the British monarch.

Paul McCartney is probably the most famous artist who has the title “Sir” attached to his name.  His contributions to the music world have made international impact that inspired British entertainers.  Known to every music lover as a Beatle, Paul’s musical talent continued to create best-selling albums, monumental concerts, films, and even orchestral productions.  He was presented with an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Music by Prince Charles and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in March, 1997.

Isaac Newton is an important figure in the scientific world.  He was considered in his time a key figure in revolutionizing the industry and his works are still being used as reference in modern science. While it can’t be denied that he was knighted by Queen Anne in 1705, the bestowal may have been given out of politics, rather than his contributions.  The English physicist and mathematician was the second scientist who was also a commoner to be given the chivalric code.

Jumping to the 21st century, William Henry Gates, better known as Bill, was made by Queen Elizabeth II an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE).  He doesn’t get the title of Sir since Bill Gates is not British by birth. Bill can add “KBE” after his name, i.e. Bill Gates, KBE.  The title bears a high standing among British awards and honors.

Scottish actor and producer Sir Thomas Sean Connery is best known for his character James Bond which he played in seven films from 1962 to 1983.  His popularity could not escape the monarch’s attention, including American award giving bodies.  He was knighted in July 2000 in recognition for his numerous hit movies to the pride and joy of Scotts and English alike.  He also holds the title of Scotland’s Greatest Living National Treasure.

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