Five Most Popular Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to show appreciation to the family, relatives, and friends. With the joy of Thanksgiving beckoning, most families are thinking about the time they will be spending with their loved ones playing games, watching football, and enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. For some people, this is also a chance to taste new varieties of meals. For people who will be preparing Thanksgiving meals, they will have to give some thoughts as to what they want on their Thanksgiving dinner menu. Below are five most popular Thanksgiving dishes.

1. Turkey and other Meats

Traditionally, thanksgiving dishes have always involved turkey. For a host of families, Turkey is a given item that is anticipated on the dinner table. One can also add a chicken, meatballs, fish, or even ham to the Thanksgiving menu. Most people are partial to meats and so it is recommended to always have something different to provide them if they don’t eat Turkey.

2. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes along with turkey and dinner rolls are a must. To add something different to the mashed potatoes, make twice baked potatoes. For you to mash the potatoes, put them in a container, drizzle cheese and bacon evenly on top and bake at 350 degrees until your cheese turns golden brown. When ready, serve with butter and sour cream for more flavors.

3. Bread/Rolls

Bread serves a host of purposes during Thanksgiving. They include soaking up gravy as well as cleansing palates between different dishes. With a lot of cooking and preparation at Thanksgiving, it’s difficult to give much attention to the bread. But don’t skimp on it.

4. Vegetable Side dishes

To go well with turkey, you also need several vegetable side dishes. One can opt for traditional items and still have a variety of vegetables to choose from. Ideally, you can get a little innovative with carrots, cinnamon, fresh lettuce or green bean casserole. Make sure you have a few to choose from because some people are fastidious eaters.

5. The dessert

In most families, it is not only children who are looking forward to eating Thanksgiving dessert. Adults too love dessert. To please every guest, make sure you have a little variety. Also, you need one fruit pie, one cream pie and a pumpkin pie along with brownies and cookies to make sure that there is something for each guest.

With these 5 Thanksgiving dishes on you dinner table, your Thanksgiving holiday will have low stress and high delight.

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