Five Most Stupid World Records

World records used to be about being the best at unique skills, mental mastery and physical rarities. Little by little, the records have been overpowered by hilarious acts. Maybe someday, future generations will be awed by the village idiot who held the most rattlesnakes in his mouth; and future historians will be baffled by the idiosyncrasy of giving recognition to men who have scaled new heights with their oddities. Here are some stupid records that perplex even the current generation.

Ashrita Furman holds the record for rolling an orange with his nose. He was able to roll an orange while pushing it with his nose for one mile within 29 minutes. To quote the master: “It’s actually physically very, very demanding but besides that is also a lot of it is technique. People thought I was crazy.” He must also hold the record for bewildering the most people.

A man by the name of John Reed is the holder of the world record for the most kicks in the head. Now this brings weird in another level. He bends his torso so that his head goes as low as his knees, and he then raises his feet, left and right, to kick himself on the forehead. Kick might not be the operative word for this. It’s more like gathering his brains that scattered on the floor, but he was too stupid to use his hands.

How many cockroaches can you eat in a minute? Do you dare to beat Ken Edwards of Derbyshire, England who downed 36 cockroaches in 60 seconds? Of course you dare not. Ken Edwards holds the record for eating the most live cockroaches, and all the bacteria that goes with it, in one minute. You may puke all you want. Who knows, maybe you can hold the record for that.

If you’re a weight lifter, you’re going to want to know this man’s workout routine. Thomas Blackthorne lifts the heaviest weight – not with his arms— with his tongue. This guy had a hook attached to his tongue that lifted 12.5 kilos, making it to Guinness World of Records. His talent is simply dumbfounding.

Finally, for the most paralysing stunt in the Guinness World of Records: the world’s strongest kick to the groin ever received. Kirby Roy let himself to be shin-kicked by a 6-foot 8-inch martial artist with 1,100 pounds of force that lifted Roy off the ground. He did not suffer from shattered testicles but he was apparently in pain. Roy is married with children and proclaimed to have a happy sex life.

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