Five Sports Celebrities Who Had Everything But Got Broke In The End

If you think becoming a sports celebrity can bring you a treasure-chest with unlimited gold, think again. Flush it like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll be left with nothing but a story. Here we have compiled a short list of five superstar athletes who were said to be eating, drinking, and even pooping money but lost everything when the devil of time knocked at their doors.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson made his fortune during his 14-year old career at National Basketball Association (NBA). He earned Most Valuable Player award (2001), was Rookie of the year 1999, was 11-times NBA All-Star, and earned a whooping $154 million during his career. But “thanks” to his extravagant live-style and his obsession with alcohol and gambling, he is now dead-broke.

Marion Jones

5 medals (in 2000 Summer Olympics), multimillion dollar endorsement deals; all vanished in a jiffy when she confessed in 2007 that she had used performance enhancing steroids seven years back. She was sentenced to six months and prison, had to sell everything she owned to pay gigantic debts, and even it was rumored that at one stage, she had only $2000 in her bank account. Now she is trying to rebuild her life by participating in low-level events but her golden career at Olympics is just a chapter of history.

John Daly

Four failed marriages, alcoholic freak, lost $60 million in gambling; welcome to the life of John Daly. Though he was a professional golfer, his life was consumed by his personal issues, including those that are mentioned above. But unlike others, Daly has been earning a decent living and is focused to move-on in positive direction.

Mark Brunell 

Mark Brunell must be cursing the person who had invented the word “lawsuit” because this mere word is responsible for his downfall. In his glorious 19-year career at National Football League, he earned a handsome number of awards including 3-times Pro Ball, MVP of 1997, and some other. But he wouldn’t have dreamt that his retirement life could be so miserable. He made some serious blunders in real estate investments which in turn resulted in lost fortunes along with a string of lawsuits (due to his personal guarantee on real estate loan agreements which he failed to honor).

Mark Tyson

Mark Tyson was said to be in a habit of “flushing his money down the drain”. He spent $4.2 million on cars, $2 million on bathtub, and $140,000 on his pet Bengal Tigers. But as soon as his money-tree got dried, he had to file for bankruptcy in 2003. Considering the titles he earned during his career, he was, at one point, worth only $1000 (yes, you read it right, only ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS). But the good thing: Mike has learned his lesson. He has gotten rid of his financial crunch by appearing in a documentary, in a Reality TV Show, and by accepting a role in 2011 comedy blockbuster “The Hangover”.

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  1. orion
    February 18, 2012 at 11:58 am

    Mike Tyson you IDIOT!

  2. Wahaab
    February 18, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    nice, well at least Mike Tyson came back at the top unlike others 😛

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