Five Weight Loss Applications that Work

Your phone can be your greatest ally in your quest for weight loss. With hundreds if not thousands of weight loss apps available for download, often for free they offer all of the benefits of a personal dietician or trainer with none of the associated costs or hassle. The future belongs to self-motivation and self-help especially in matters of private health that often people are weary of asking help with. And while self help and name brand diet books have been around for ages today it is apps and the smartphones they run on leading the way in the war on obesity. In fact there is an ongoing clinical trial testing the effectiveness of smartphones in weight loss. A quick sampling of the millions of satisfied customers will tell you all you need about how good your phone can really be in helping you trim off that fat. Here is our pick of some of the best weight loss apps out there.


Noom (Android, Free)

Noom is an exciting Android app that tries to combine weight loss, calorie counting and activity tracking in one easy to use package. The weight loss is pretty straightforward and it integrates with the Withings Scale (syncs automatically each time you step on the scale) and the activity tracking is basic but works well with a variety of heart rate sensors. The Calorie Counting is a bit different. Noom has its own take on dieting with foods divided into three portion sizes and relegated into one of three categories: “Green”, very healthy alternatives like Almond milk, fruits and veggies “Yellow”, or stuff like fish, lean meats, bread or white rice and “Red” which is basically everything else: fried or high fat foods, processed foods and sweets. By selecting the timeframe for weight loss, the amount of weekly workouts and the weight goal Noom calculates how much you should be eating each day and rates your daily eating habits from 1 to 5 stars.  Another similar app available on multiple platforms is Lose it!, the app used in the clinical trial mentioned above.

Calorie Count (All Platforms, Free)

Calorie Count is a respected website that can tell you exactly how many calories a certain food has. Its database is huge and can be a massive help to any dieter, especially those on fixed calorie diets like those from Weight Watchers (this url explains it better than we can). The Calorie count app can help you quickly weigh up mean choices in a restaurant, especially as the app also has nutritional and calorie breakdowns of a lot of popular items from national and international chains. The app also gives grades to food so you’ll know that a particular brand of whole wheat bread is a B- because it has less whole-wheat flour than it should whereas another is B+.

Sports Tracker (All Platforms, Free)

There are dozens of sport tracking apps out there but this one is our favorite. One of the pioneers of the sport app field the company behind the app was once a Nokia project. Since then the app has spread to all OSes and is possibly the biggest name in sports tracking today, so big in fact they are coming out with their own line of tracking and fitness devices. The app records your heart rate (if you have a sensor) calorie expenditure, pace and GPS location and uploads it to your profile where you can check instant second by second readings on graphs or a map.

Zombies, Run! (All Platforms, $7.99)

Zombies, Run! Has figured out the mind of the modern man. Everybody wants to lose weight but it’s such a hassle! Why not turn it into a game then? Zombies is a radio-drama style game where you walk and run your way through missions, chased by a throng of zombies. Along the way you pick up various items and use them to upgrade the township of Abel, choosing what power center you assign each resource to, be it tinned food, batteries or other post-apocalyptic luxuries. One of the most innovative apps to grace the on-line stores, Zombies has recently released a ‘prequel’ as a couch to 5K program. And while you’re at it, once you finish this ‘game’ how about embarking in a real life zombie chase? There are special 5k run/mudcrawl obstacle courses all over the country that you can register for, as both runner or zombie!

Gym-pact (iOS and Android, Free)

One of the primary reasons behind some experts’ skepticism when it comes to weight loss apps is motivation. As this article puts it, people that use weight loss apps are already motivated to lose weight so the apps aren’t really having much of an impact on them. Enter Gym-pact. Gym-pact is an app that gives you financial incentives to fulfill your work-out schedule. You can win real money by working out! The Catch? Every time you don’t fulfill one of your gym or running appointments you are charged five dollars, and the money is used to pay others. Gym-pact is the ultimate motivation to lose weight because if there’s anything that gets people moving more than earning money, it is not losing money!

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