Flippa reviewed; Real or Scam ?

It seems as if in today’s world if there is an industry in which one can become an overnight millionaire, that would be the dot com industry. You keep hearing about the fascinating stories about different people making millions off the internet or if not millions then at least a good side income. I started to think the same way a while back and found outso many things; as a matter of fact i started this blog knowzzle.com in the same pursuit. Honestly i still think internet can be a good source of income, but only 1% of the business starters on the internet actually make something. Anyhow this article is not about my entire journey, but is only about my experience with flippa.

flippa.com is a website where people buy and sell websites. i have seen websites being sold here for up to $100,000. amazing sales write ups and so many tempting stories. Now i will not completely discard flippa but here is what i have learned about it.

flippa the website is not a scam, they are there to make money and charge people from 17 to 50 $ for listing their websites. So No flippa is not a scam. If any thing is questionable about this website it is the sellers.

i have found almost 90% sellers on flippa to be just scam artists, and this is what they do :

1) Make a website and will buy traffic from various websites and increase their Alexa ranks over night.

2) They buy old domains from Godaddy.com with high PR Ranks or Alexa traffic ranks; turn them into websites and sell them off. this too makes a good sales pitch.

3) Commonly you will see listings like “Made 2890$ in last month”. where as the price would be around $200 ! Would you be selling a website making 2890$ for 200$ ? i guess NOT !

4) “Duplicate content”!. I have seen this so many times, a simple website with content would be sold to you and after like a week another website from the same seller  will be up for sale with same content that was sold to you.

5) Mostly people are interested in Adsense websites. So now what i as seller would do is : make a website, put in my Adsense, and then start PPC from Facebook or other websites, for like three to four months. so the stats on Adsense would be showing 100$ / week; but i would be paying 120$ for the traffic. Now when i would put my website for sale it would have stats with Adsense showing 120$/month; You would die to buy this website for 2000 $ ! won’t you ? and as soon as you will buy it, adsense will make like 1$/week or something for you !!

6) Flippa hardly provides any protection to buyers, if you have paid the seller, and then raised the dispute with the seller in flippa, even if you win the dispute all you ll get from Flippa is “dispute is in you’re favour we suggest you now raise a dispute with Paypal.

To top it all if you raise a dispute with Paypal they would simply tell you : “Sorry Paypal Policy does not cover buyers for digital product”.

here i would like to give you a serious word of caution, the email address you use to make your Paypal id. Always use it to have a godaddy account because shockingly Godaddy does not send an email confirming the email address. That means if i have your email id, i can simply make a godaddy account with your email address and then transfer the website to you’re godaddy account.

All of this is coming from personal experience i wanted to write this all down because unfortunately there are more bad guys on flippa than the good ones.

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Article publié pour la première fois le 12/09/2012

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