Foods That Aid Digestion

Not being able to say no to a party host that served you roast pork, grilled beef and the Southern-style fried chicken can leave one completely bloated with an upset stomach for hours.  You could have avoided the swelling up if you had just taken some digestive help.  There are foods that help digestion but there are also some that complicate it affecting the overall well-being.  Here’s some advice on what to eat for a better food break down.

Fiber rich food keeps the digestive system at good working condition.  It’s also a good source of energy and it also flushes the waste out of the body easily. Fiber rich foods include whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables.   Fibers help retain water which is essential in keeping healthy.

Fluids encourage the easy passage of waste through the digestive system.  Although fiber cleans up the system, it also needs water to do its job.  Without it the fibers cannot do its job and may cause constipation.  Drink at least a glass of water after every meal and rehydrate at least once in between meals.  You can also get fluids from fruits and vegetables.  Having warm drinks after meal or in the afternoon is one way of bringing more liquid to the body.  The Chinese are fond of drinking hot tea with their meals as they say it keeps their stomach flat.  Westernized countries are used to cold sodas, coffee, beer and cold tea which boost acid in the stomach and may cause heartburn.  Sodas and beer also contribute to the tummy bloating which most drinkers obviously possess.

Cutting down on fatty and fried food will ease the stomach’s work.  Lean meat, fish and skimmed milk is better for the body in general rather than greasy food.  People love eating spicy food but nutritionist advice on taking it easy especially if one did not grow up eating it.  Hot food can trigger heartburn when the stomach is upset.   There are spices that aid in salivation which is the first step to digestion. These are garlic, mustard, coriander, and many more.

Probiotic food contains friendly bacteria with many digestive benefits.  These bacteria occur naturally in the gut and can be introduced through yogurt and fermented food. Probiotic foods include kimchi, sauerkraut, soy sauce, aged cheese, chocolate among others.  Wine, yogurt drinks and tea also contain friendly bacteria that aid the digestive system.

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