Fun ways for a happy and longer life

To live a longer life is not always to eat and drink certain foods and exercise all the time. There are many things that are very helpful to us and attractive at the same time, these things are what we love and adore, it’s all about the perspective that we have about them.

Studies show that coffee protects women against heart diseases, other disorders and helps you live a longer life. Women who drink coffee are 25% less likely to die from a heart disease then those who don’t. So it is advisable for every woman to start drinking coffee as it gives you a boost early in the morning and also protects from many diseases.

Garlic is also something that you should eat. It lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, boosts immune system and helps regulate blood-sugar levels. People can eat them in various things, may it be pizza or an Indian curry.

Research has been done that confirms that later we start school the better because starting school before 6 is a risk factor for earlier mortality.

Getting a pet is by far the best and the most fun way to have a longer life. Owning pets’ decreases loneliness, limits depression, encourages exercise and encourages laughter. If  you are feeling depressed, you can always snuggle with your pet and even sleep with them.

There are many other things as well like having plants indoors to remove air pollutants. As we get clean air, we breath less dust particles and pollutants.

These are some very simple and fun ways to enjoy a longer life without making too much trouble.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/10/2012

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