Gamer and its benefits

A person who plays sports is called a athlete, so a person who plays games and its very important to him should be called a gamer. They say chess is a sport, because you have to make strategies and always think three moves ahead, so what about strategy games like warcraft, starcraft and other such game. You need to think a lot more in them as compared to chess, so it’s can be said as a mega sport but its not. Gaming has always had a very bad reputation. I don’t know why everyone thinks that gaming is such a bad thing. Yes, we gamers do play for 9 hours straight easy and we don’t need to sleep much if we are gaming but who says this is a bad thing. A normal person can’t stay awake for 24 hours where as a gamer can be up for 30 hours. I wanted to prove my friends that I can stay awake for anything and not just gaming so I took up two jobs and worked 19 hours a day for two whole months and the only thing I missed was gaming. This goes for everything from studying to hanging out with friends. Some people may say that gaming has made us insomniacs but we can sleep whenever we want to. That is if the games not working, we will happily sleep the whole day.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/10/2012

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