Go Red!

Red nails and lips are in fashion again after a very long delay. New millennium was marked with subtle shades and light make up. Lipsticks were replaced with very nude shades of glosses and bright nails colors were first replaced with pearl and shimmer shades and later matt light tones. But now, red is the in thing again!

Red looks vintage, new, smart, elegant, bold and classy : all at the same time! It is one color which you can wear with all others. Unlike black, which also is a neutral shade and wearable with all colors, red looks much, much more prominent. It has the capability of taking the lime light away from the outfit and bring the attention to itself.

Red can be worn in nail color, lipstick, shoes and bags. If you plan to wear, red lipstick, keep your other make up very light and minimal. Use skin color shades for eyes and use very thing and little eye liner. To do the face, use shades of neutral and light pink. Your contouring to enhance your cheek and jaw bones but that also with very neutral shades.

You can try variety of hair styles to go with red. You can try straight hairs or you can curl them. You can also use a high pony but all of this needs to suit your dress. You can add red heals and red bag to complete your chic look with red. Try to wear outfit which is simple and contains less other shades. This would help the red to look more classy and so, it will out look other colors that you are carrying.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/02/2012

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