Good bye winters!


Finally, all of us can see sunshine blooming our windows and door ways. No more shivers and colds as everything is turning warm and easy. Yes! It is about time to rearrange your closet and get away with warm coats and bulky sweaters. Let’s have a quick look at how summers seem to be this year in terms of fashion.

Summer this year, unlike the last, bring in bright shades and bold colors. To make summers even brighter than ever this year clothing lines will be having orange, red, peach, pink, dark blue and purple as the lead shades. These bright colors will be elaborated with a few light shades of the similar family. Black, like always, will again be a color of all seasons and you will be seeing a lot of black in the designer collection. White in its elegance will shimmer this year and will be the in shade!

Cuts in clothing line will be long and sleek. Dresses however will shorten to knee length but will follow a bit of baggy style. Skinny jeans and tights will remain in fashion however; the material will change as the weather. Jewelry will be simple and minimalist. Clothes will be having relatively more work done this season compared to the last. Worked up back and spine lines with borders will be covering the styles.

Also let’s not forget the cute tops and the adorable little dresses that we can wear on a hot summer day. Not to mention the head turners that everyone can wear to the beach or while taking a tan.

So, it will be a good idea to keep these minor details in mind as we start making a collection for our closet this season. Let’s hope for a bright and vibrant summer 2012!

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/03/2012

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