Google Plus Adds New and Impressive Features

knowzzleMany people refer to Google Plus as the new Facebook, but this isn’t at all true. While both platforms are excellent social media channels, they are extremely different. Google plus is an excellent medium for businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their goods, and attract more clients, while Facebook is a more personal platform reserved for family and friends. Google+ developers have went to great lengths to make their baby platform as better as possible, because they need to attract more brands. Among the many new features, the ones added since the start of 2013 have been the most succesful. Nevertheless, it may be overwhelming to become adjusted with the latest additions. Here is a list of the most important changes that occured in the past months.

#1 Smart Hashtags

I know, I know, there has been so much talk about hashtags in the past weeks, that you are probably sick and tired. However, Google+ has decided to do things differently with their hashtags. According to developers, they are put automatically by the platorm, according to the content that you post. This sounds like excellent news, especially because most people who use Google+ are looking to promote their brands. In other words, the ability of organizing content according to different parameters, will make it easier for you to discover like-minded people. You can read more about the importance of organizing content on

#2 Google Hangouts

The social revolution has sprouted incredible wings. It seems that Google plus has decided to implement a bold new feature. Google Hangouts is used can be used by up to nine participants in order to video chat. This can be an incredible tool, especially for people who hold white boards and online seminaries. Hangouts has come to encapsulate great features like messaging, video and audio.

#3 Photo Filters

The efforts of Google developers to automatize everything that is related to their platform is quite obvious. First there were the smart hashtags, now we have the photo filters, which will show you how easy it can be to share creations on your page without lifting a finger. Functions like auto-highlight and auto-awesome are here to pimp your every photo. Moreover, everything you upload will be filtered, and if you have duplicated or blurred images, they will be removed.

#4 Communities

Communities are great places to meet new people, especially like-minded ones. They are the perfect place to promote your content, find new opportunities and simply connect. In the end, social platforms are all about being social.

#5 What’s Hot?

Google plus has figured out a great way to show things that might interest you. With the help of the What’s hot tab you can find topics which are both popular and also related to your interests. If you want to look at more trends, you an click the next or previous cards, and flip over the content.

To sum up, the updates are quite impressive, and we must appreciate that they were designed with simplicity in mind. I believe that these new features will be game changers, and they will definitely attract more users to the hottest social media platform for business users. It goes without saying that developers have spent an enormous amount of time to come up with something unique and worthwhile.

Article publié pour la première fois le 29/06/2013

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