Got Your iPhone Denied Warranty Because Of False Water Damage Detection?, Apple Is Looking For Ways To Prevent This

Currently Apple implements a very old method to detect Water damage in iOS devices by using liquid contact indicators that simply change colors upon excess moisture contact. This method is quite inaccurate which can lead to many problems and because of the Apple is looking for new ways to detect such water contact, a patent reveals.



There are two main problems that can be caused by such false alarm, your iOS device like iPhone can be denied warranty despite if your device has some another problem which would affect you or your iOS device can get falsely be replace under warranty if it were water damaged even if the sensors would indicate otherwise, which wold affect Apple in this case.

Vendors don’t go in the details when they are to examine such device as they aren’t qualified enough to identify such problems, thus they have to rely upon those current water damage indicator’s result which may or may not be true. Lets see if Apple is successful in getting this procedure fixed by the release of its next iPhone model release.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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