Heart and its problems – stay Healthy


While people believe the intake of fatty oily food, sodium and smoking is what’s to blame for a strokes or a heart attack, these are not the only factors that are responsible. There are a ton of other lesser known elements responsible for a degenerating and an unhealthy heart.

Earlier this year a study revealed that people were more prone to a heart attack if they had excessive calcium in their diet. The study compared two groups of people to bring out a theory which suggested a if a person was more prone to a heart if he exceeded the recommended dietary value of calcium in comparison to those who did not.

Psychological stress can also cause the heart function to become less effective and is considered more dangerous that physical factors such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. To maintain a healthy heart, avoidance from unnecessary stress, anger management and routine health checks are a must.

Liking for fast food turned out to be a ticking time-bomb for a ton of heart related problems. People who eat a lot of fast food were found to be four times more at risk than those who did not.

Fast food is high in saturated fats and sodium as it is mostly deep fried and and contains high quantities of salt. Unsaturated fats are extremely unhealthy for a heart.  Moreover, Sodium increases blood pressure, which damages arteries and veins, and consequently the heart.

Refraining from fast food, eating more vegetables and exercising every now and then is a sure way to keep a healthy heart.

Regular exercise is the best way to keep a heart healthy. A recent research showed that 15 minutes of regular exercise can cut down chances of a heart attack by a considerable amount. So, it’s best to keep a heart in shape by some light-weight lifting and jogging. Cardio-exercise can do wonders as well.

Article publié pour la première fois le 12/10/2012

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