Hollywood’s Most Notorious Bachelors

What makes a notorious bachelor? First, he’s got to have “the attitude”. That means he is impervious to women’s manipulative tendencies. He is to break many hearts – young or old, rich or poor, model or midget – and he plans on being single forever. Second, he’s into big spending whether it’s for a house, a car or when wooing girlfriends. That is, before he breaks her heart. Finally, he will not make an effort to hide “the attitude” and his gallantry. Imagine all that in a man, and being a celebrity. That’s how these three got dubbed Hollywood’s most notorious bachelors.

George Clooney tops the list. He is as suave as he looks. A self-proclaimed eternal bachelor, he is known to have dated dozens of women of celebrity status. He was divorced once and vowed to never marry again. Despite his announcement of not wanting to have children, women still can’t resist his cool and charm. It could be because he is talented or maybe women find his humanitarian work fascinating. Clooney is active in many charitable organizations. One that he is famous for is the Hope for Haiti Now where he raised money to rebuild Haitian communities. He is known to be active in political issues and, unbeknownst to many, he is also involved in gay and lesbian causes.

Leonardo DiCaprio first captured women’s hearts as Jack Dawson in the movie Titanic. After that, he was always followed by the media wherever he goes, whether he’s partying or just spending time alone in a remote island. His series of blockbuster hit movies is paralleled by his stream of model girlfriends. No woman could resist a handsome, strapping man when his salary is a whopping twenty million dollars for each film. DiCaprio is also known to be a giver, having worked for several charities, sponsoring orphans, and he cares about the environmental issues. He founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for his many causes.

Bradley Cooper was first noticed as Jenifer Garner’s co-star in the TV series Alias. He was once married and divorced. His recent break up with Renee Zellweger created a big buzz but it didn’t stop Cooper from dating Zoe Saldana. It looks like he is following the pattern of a notorious bachelor. Let’s look at the criteria: broken many hearts who are also celebrities–check, rich and getting even richer – check, starred in blockbuster movies – check, extensive charitable deeds – check. Yes, we got another one.

There’s more to it than simply being a happy-go-lucky single man. Having fun and being famous for it does not make them bad people. Their lifestyle may just be a smokescreen to keep their popularity or to try to fill in a void. For whatever reason, people are always eager to hear about them in the news.

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/12/2012

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