Homs Becomes an Active War Zone as Syrian Government Steps Up the Offensive

Reports pouring in from Syria have shared that the western city of Homs has come under one of the worst spells of bombardment since the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011. In a related development, the government, for the first time is also sending in units of an ‘elite armoured division’ into the districts that are believed to be the strong hold of the rebel forces.

The stepped up offensive by the Syrian government resulted in at least 125 reported deaths on Monday – most of these deaths occurred during a single incident at a checkpoint in Homs.

United Nations Human Rights Council Calls an Emergency Meeting

Taking heed of the rapidly deteriorating situation in the Arab country, the United Nations Human Rights Council during a meeting in Geneva has pressed for an immediate halt to the violence to make way for humanitarian missions.

Navi Pillay, UN Human Rights Chief also shared that according to the reports received by her office, civilians caught in the crossfire between the government and rebel forces were surviving under harsh conditions with no supplies of food, water or medical aid available. She also told the Council that ‘massive campaigns of arrests’ against the rebels were being led by the Syrian troops.

In the face of stringent criticism at the UN Human Rights Council, the Syrian envoy to the United Nations, Faysal Khabbaz Hamoui, raged out of the session claiming that other countries were responsible for  ‘inciting sectarianism and providing arms’ to the rebel leaders.

As the Syrian people continue to die in vain, it is a shame that the concern of the world community is refusing to go beyond conventional ‘rhetoric.’ It is time now more than ever before to step in on behalf of the Syrian people to protect them from the atrocities that their own government is perpetrating against them.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/02/2012

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