How Aloe vera is used

People before us knew how herbs and other natural things could be used to heal people. Us, people to the 20th century only know to go to the pharmacy or the doctor and get the medicine prescribed to us.

Back then people used herbs; a good example is aloe vera as it has amazing restoration properties. Science says that it is anti-bacterial and has been proven to speed healing wounds in rats. Is has been noticed that people who have acne or have been burned can also use this as it is good and will help to heal you really fast. Studies showed that damaged skin healed 72 hours faster when aloe was applied.

People also drink Aloe vera. It is highly digestive and ensures that the food we eat gets absorbed in the bloodstream.  It helps the skin and keeps it healthy and keeps it looking good as well.

Aloe vera has twelve natural substances that have been shown to inhibit inflammation and they also improve muscles and joint mobility. There are eight essential amino acids that are important for our body, which we cannot produce. Aloe vera plant has all of those so it is very good for our nutrition as well. As it is so helpful in digestion, it helps in getting rid of the unwanted substances we eat which can cause fatigue. It also helps in maintaining body weight.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/10/2012

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