How and why to avoid trips to the saloons

It’s not always important to go to the saloon, there are things you can make and do at home easily. Almost everyone goes to saloons for a facial or a manicure. This is not hard and can easily be done at home, more than that it will be much cheaper than going to a saloon.

To make your own facial mask just take half cup of water to all natural kitty litter. Apply it to your face and you will see that it makes a really nice facial mask.

The other thing we talked about was manicure. This is also easy, mix half lemon juice to one cup of warm water and soak you finger tips in it for five minutes. After that rinse them and pat them dry, pushing back the cuticles. Now rub lemon peels on your nails vigorously, back and forth. Then finish it off by rubbing it with a soft cloth. What you should also do is, always apply two coats of nail polish and push your cuticles back.

Another thing about saloons is that their equipment is not properly cleaned, in the US there is a 75% chance that you will pick up some kind of infection, either be fungal, bacterial or viral. Other things that happen is that people with fungal or other infections are not turned away to go to the hospital but are given whatever they want so this increases the risk of catching a disease as well.


Article publié pour la première fois le 24/10/2012

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