How to Avoid Skin Tan?

Summers are here and so is the sun tan. With ozone getting thinner each year, skin problems are increasing at a very fast rate. Sun burns and severe tan seem to have become the most regular challenges that we battle against during Summers. Not only girls but now boys are just as concerned about it, and they should be because there are many other harmful effects of sun tanning and sun exposure than just the color darkening of the skin: dark patches, skin rashes and many forms of skin cancers to name a few.

Nevertheless, they say it is not a problem if it doesn’t have a solution! Here we bring for you a list of ways to avoid sun tan and more importantly make yourself safer from the risk of ultra violent rays.

Sun Blocks

There are many brands of sun block creams and lotions available in markets these days. They are now custom-made for each skin type. Moreover, they also vary in their strength as to how long will they stay effective once you put them on. While choosing a sun block, it is advisable to go for a good brand because this is something which will stay on your face and body for quite a few hours long hours and if one thing you must never compromise on it is the cosmetics that you apply on your skin.

Choose What You Wear Carefully

Sure, it seems hard to opt for full-sleeved clothes during Summers but they are an excellent way of protecting yourself against ultra violent rays. Accordingly, when you might have to stay outdoors for a prolonged period of time, avoid wearing clothes that allow too much exposure to the sun and go absolutely conservative with your choice of dressing!

Shop for Head Wear

You can find very trendy looking head-wear in virtually every shopping arcade – caps for non-formal clothing and elegant hats to go with your formal wear. Make sure that you grab a handful of these from your nearest mall this Summer. Head-wear will not only shade your face from the sun but will also go a long way in protecting your hair from possible damage that can occur as a result of direct exposure to the sun.

Fairly simple solutions, aren’t they? So, all you have to do is make a trip to the shopping mart and return home with your ultimate protection agents against the harsh sun!


Article publié pour la première fois le 02/03/2012

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