How to bun your hair!

Hair buns are perhaps one of the oldest hair styles surviving to date. Women in every culture have worn them with grace and they are taken to be as a formal hair style. Buns are preferred over other hair styles because they make the neck look thinner and taller. Long neck personifies feminine beauty and so, the buns have always been popular as they enhance this very characteristic.

Secondly, this particular hair style also keeps the hair in place and tied thus preventing hair fall and damage. You can easily add in hair accessories such as hair pins, hair broaches or flowers in your bun to style them in accordance with the occasion.

A few popular types of bun-styles include the French bun, rolled on bun, and loose hair bun. All of these are very simple to make and you can easily try them. To make French bun you need a hair band and a few hair pins. Tie all your hair with hair band and make a pony tail out of them. Then roll the pony tail and tie it buy curving in inwards by using hair pins. To make a casual bun you need around ten to fifteen hair pins. You need to take portions of your hair, roll them and tie them up gently. Do the same with every hair section, and make a geometric center with the help of pins. Let the ends of your hair go loose and put on some hair spray to keep the hair in place for a longer time.

Here is how you can make a perfect bun

  • Comb your hair backwards gently.
  • Use hair gel to make your hair stay in place.
  • Then roll your hair and twist them.
  • Circle them around your finger and place them in place you want to arrange your bun.
  • Then pin them up and you are ready to go!

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