How to choose right heels!

In today’s day and age, women have switched to wearing flat foots from heels. The reason is that most women today are working and have to walk long distance and run around in office, and for that, heel is not the right shoe to wear. Now, heels are more of a very formal accessory only bought and worn on special functions and formal occasions. Heels are also getting expensive every passing day and it is not possible for most of women to buy them in every possible color. So a good thought would be to choose heels which are wearable with most of colors.

Golden, silver, bronze and black are the shades which can go with literally any color. If you are buying heels, prefer to choose these colors. Try to get a buckled one as they will be more comfortable to walk in. Get a pair of heels that have comfortable soul and do not pinch you in foot. Walk in them a little before buying them straight away. The length of heal should be such that you can walk easily in them and it does not make you look abnormally tall. No one wants to look the tallest of all people!

You would at least need to buy two pairs, one for each season. For winters, buy the pair of heels that are covered at the toe. Try choosing a pair that covers most part of your foot. They are more easy to carry as they also keep the feet warm. For summers, buy those that expose your feet more. This will avoid your feet going all sweaty and so your heels will not get slippery.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/02/2012

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