How to choose the right curtains!

Curtains are a need of every household and with changing times styles in curtains have also changed. there are a few tips about how to choose curtains for your window.

First of all, choose a color which matches the walls and furniture. Also, choose a color with which you can easily add in more accessories. For example, if you are choosing curtains for your bed room, choose a shade with which you can find matching bed sheets, wall hangings, rugs and decoration pieces. Similarly, for choosing curtains for your living area, choose a color with which you can easily find matching or contrasting accessories.

Choose a cloth which is thick enough to stop the sunlight and is not see through at night. These days double panel curtains are in fashion. Normally, Net or Organza is taken as inner layer of curtain and a thicker fabric is used to make another curtain over it. There are many different stitching styles. You can get your curtains made in traditional pleats or you can get blinds made. You can add pelmets to it and also, you can attach robes.

Curtains with rings are also new in fashion. Rings are available in all metallic shades and are very easily moved. Ringed curtains would be a good option in living area or bed room or any place where you would want the sun light to come in. You can add fancy tiers to sides of your curtain to hold them for sunlight.

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