How to Fight Office Boredom

An office job is not an easy thing to have, there’s always the risk of boredom and feeling like the walls are closing in on you. Even when you’ve got work to do, sometimes you feel like escaping and doing something else for a change. But can you just take an hour off and walk the streets in order to relax? Not really, no. So what is there to do, but find ways of breaking the boredom right there in your office – you won’t be needing much, just your imagination and a bit of willingness.

First of all know make sure you think ahead well before you go around telling people you are bored. We know you feel like shouting from the top of your lungs that you are bored, but that type of thing can’t really be done. So, our best advice is to just not tell people you’ve got nothing to do, or worse that you’re getting bored. Instead, find something that will keep you entertained, like playing small games online that require no downloading – a nice wheels game is enough to take your mind off work and relax you a bit.

Or if games aren’t your thing you could catch up on some errands: pay your electricity bill online, or your phone and utilities bill. Or better yet, you could do a little extra money, by getting a part time job doing something online – a second job will bring you more money and it will help you escape the routine. We know those jobs are hard to come across, but you’ve got time to invest in finding one, haven’t you?

Or you could volunteer to organize the Christmas party or a meeting, something that will spice things up at work. Get involved in projects or offer your colleagues a hand with work. You will be greatly appreciated and maybe even compensated if you do so. There must be something out there you can get involved in and if it isn’t, come up with something by yourself. Make a little project, a presentation or a proposal – something that will show people you’re still very much involved in your job, even though you’re doing it out of boredom.

If you’re not careful boredom can really get a man down and suck the life out of them. If you’re really bored with work, why not invest some of your time in looking for another job, one that will keep you in the game and be fun?

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/12/2012

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