If You Have an iPhone 4, Apple Owes You $15

Apple’s iPhone 4 at the time of its launch was the company’s most successful product to date. However, very soon the Antennagate scandle soon brought Apple face to face with a class action suit. This suit was a merger of various on-going law suits against Apple with regard to the inbuilt defects that the phone was manufactured with.

The law suit has now been settled after Apple agreed to pay $15 in cash or a bumper case from Apple to the consumers who bought iPhone 4. The settlement report further states that more details will emerge at iPhone4Settlement.com in the coming weeks though this URL is currently blank. While the details are still coming through as to who will be eligible to make the claim and how, it certainly seems like a lucky day for the plaintiff.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/02/2012

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