Ills of Junk!

Junk food has been part of our daily lives for quite a while now. Without realizing its harmful effects, we continue to consume more and more of it. Consequently, we see diabetes and blood pressure levels increasing among our youth. Increased consumption of junk food coupled with lack of exercise is fast becoming the main reason behind such diseases.

Most of us are still unaware about the damages junk food causes to our health. Obesity is the biggest and most common virtue of eating junk. Due to high carbohydrate content, junk food makes you lazy and lethargic. Vinegar and mayonnaise cause breathing and throat infections and high phosphorous content damages your teeth.

If you have a family history of blood pressure and diabetes, junk food is like a slow poison. It deprives you from eating better and healthy nutritional food such as fruits and vegetables, which are way better and important for healthy living.

Avoiding junk food completely might seem like a tall order for some of us. It may or may not suit your life style either. But minimizing the consumption is always an available option. A good choice would be to have sandwiched and fries instead of creamy burgers filled with cheese and grilled chicken. You can also indulge more in salads which are easy to make and are even readily available and much rich in their nutritional content. Another option would be to set days when you will allow yourself to have junk food and such days should not be more than three a month! Health is the only thing that matters in the long run and once lost it is very hard to recover. It is always advisable to take care of it before it deteriorates beyond levels curable.

Article publié pour la première fois le 02/03/2012

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