Is a US-Iran war inevitable?

This Friday Obama has warned Iran that US can possibly have a pre-mature strike on Iran if Iran does not cut off at its nuclear activities. This statement by the US president has been taken differently by different countries specially Israel. Where Israel is a strong ally of US and Iran is a particular threat for Israel, Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, said that Israel needs time to maneuver before US attacks Iran, as Israel needs time to prepare for its self defense.


Iran on the other hand stays adamant claiming that its nuclear activities are only for civilian purposes but western powers are in suspicion and disbelief. They believe that Iran is establishing under ground nuclear war heads and weapons of mass destructions which it may be offering to extremist and terrorists. They believe that Iran is very close to establishment of nuclear weapons and will be done anytime soon, and this needs to be stop. Iran claim stays the same that it knows how to protect its nuclear facilities which it says are for civilian purposes only.


Israeli prime minister Netanyahu has demanded Iran to finish its nuclear facilities at Qum and that Iran should wipe out all its Uranium deposits and clarifying that he said that he means all Uranium reserves above 3.5% which certainly is very hard for Iran to accept. Western powers want Iran to keep only little reserve to serve for nuclear power plant and medicinal purposes.


Obama seems very volatile on the issue currently stating that when he says something as president of  United States he does not ‘bluffs’ and that the world should understand that whatever United States says, it does mean! He also said that Iran’s only ally is in ropes itself, referring that Iran would be facing US alone. This certainly was a very hard stance but we have seen time and again that Ahmadinejad has never much cared about US’s stances and have clearly stood for what he believes is the interest of his nation.

Article publié pour la première fois le 03/03/2012

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