Is trance just noise or much more

In the beginning of every person’s life, every song sounds good, every beat feels incredible but sooner or later a person reaches a point in their life where every word in a song is meaningful and at that point only the words are enough as they describe their life or are telling the same thing they feel.

As time passed we got tired of words. It was just not enough. Then something known as trance came. You ask yourself, is this real music? I mean no words just music.

For almost everyone trance is just noise. They can’t think of it as anything else. What really lives is it, is a mystery to them.

You need to understand it, the thing about trance is that it does not have to be sad or happy, it reflects your feelings. It is a song in the abstract. Many people go by it saying that the artist just threw paint whereas other people can see a whole story behind it. This is what trance is really about. Not just dancing to the beats.

If you have reached that point, then you would begin to understand trance at a whole other level. You can feel what the creator feels; you would understand every emotion that he is wants to be there and the best thing is that this emotion changes according to your feelings and can be made into a sad one or a happy one regarding what you feel.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/10/2012

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