Pets and their health benefits

Since the dawn of time, man and beast have not only shared the burden of work and responsibility but also special relationship. Both have been a source of comfort and help to each other.

The history of pets goes as far as the domestication of animals when humans not only kept them for work but pleasure.

Research has been conducted on the effects of keeping pets and it shows that pets actually add to a healthy life. Dog owners have been shown to get exercise as they walk the dogs, reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases.

They also serve as conversation starters and help stay socially active.



Being lonely contributes to depression. Pets serve as excellent companions that help relieve tension and loneliness. People suffering from psychological problems also recover faster with the aid of pets.

Studies have shown that integrating pets in life from an early age helps in preventing many diseases such as asthma, depression and Alzheimer.

This is attributed to the fact that during the youth, the immune system is in the process of forming so exposure to such elements which might be the cause of allergies in later life helps it develop immunity against it prematurely.

Article publié pour la première fois le 05/10/2012

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