Japanese scared of another massive earth quake!

Japan is a nation which suffers from the most dangerous earthquakes ever. It had suffered from one fifth of the largest earthquakes in world history. Due to this reason it is also one of the best earth quake proof region of the world. With its expertise in earth quake management, there are huge short comings as the damage cannot completely be undone. This is not humanly possible. With help of technology, Japanese can reduce the damage but can not completely eliminate it. With start of 2012, Japanese are warned to be hit by another massive earth quake of around 7 on Rector’s  Scale.


The quake is predicted to hit Tokyo, Japanese capital city, which lies on the center of four fault lines! This quake is predicted to have massive damage with thousands of lives lost and massive damage. Tokyo is very densely populated city and this quake is predicted to leave Tokyoites without food, electricity, telephone and travel for several days. The problem is that the exact time of this earth quake can not be determined but the movement of tectonic plates foresee its arrival. It is estimated that this quake will leave 96 million tones of waste behind and would require & 1.45 trillion for the rehabilitation of the damage. This amount is equal to one third of Japan’s GDP!

This quake is said to have massive impact on Japan’s social, economic and political health and the government has planed to keep Osaka, a town 550 km from Tokyo, as the rehabilitation area.  Much can not be done as the time of the quake is unknown. Secondly, such activities cause a very negative impact on people who will live their lives in uncertainty after the break of this news.


Another problem is that Japan house 54 nuclear plants and destruction of any of these in a quake will cause massive damage which will be beyond control of humans and borders. This problem needs to be addressed as well as this damage would be suffered by the generations to come.


Article publié pour la première fois le 06/03/2012

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