Just Who Are the Top 5 Drummers of All Time?

If you check out any top 5 drummer lists, then the chances are the same names will appear time and time again and this is a real testimony as to how good some of these musicians really are or were considering some of them started their careers decades ago. That being said these are five names that should always be on a list of the best drummers ever to have lived.

John Bonham

John Bonham was of course the drummer for Led Zeppelin and his Moby Dick drum solo really is the stuff that legends are made of and has to be heard to be believed as are his various other drum solos. He was famous for both his speed and power along with the control he had over what he was doing at all times and there is no doubt that after his death in 1980 the sound of Led Zeppelin changed forever.

Keith Moon

When you think of top drummers, then Keith Moon has to be in there even though he did die young at only 32, but in his short life he showcased his talents as an amazing drummer in The Who. He was known for adding drama and was capable of using the cymbals in ways that were never really heard before, but still in a controlled manner. Since his death The Who have struggled to recreate sounds that are anything like the sound Keith could produce.

Neil Peart

A good drummer should be able to really hold their own as a musician and Neil Peart does this as the drummer for Rush. He is famed for his stamina and from a technical side he is perfect and you are certainly advised to check out some of his solos online as they are amazing. His ability to capture your attention and then hold it for an extraordinary length of time means he deserves his place on any list of the best drummers.

Buddy Rich

To show that not all of the best drummers are from rock music backgrounds it is good to include Buddy Rich who is one of the best jazz drummers to have ever lived. He worked with all of the big jazz names throughout his career including the likes of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald so if you want to see how differently the drums can sound then check out his solos on the internet.

Ginger Baker

If you are looking for the person that practically invented the drum solo, then Ginger Baker is the name to look for. Ginger was the drummer with cream who were one of the biggest bands in the 60s and he could only be described as being flamboyant and a real showman and it is perhaps fair to say that he did then influence a lot of drummers that followed him with this being the best testimony possible.

Those are the names that should appear on any top 5 drummer lists no matter where you are in the world and there is a good chance that the names are indeed going to be familiar to you. All that is then left for you to do is check out some of their music and imagine how poor those songs would be if it was not for the guy behind that drum kit.

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