BMW- Innovation, Delivered

BMW has always been the cornerstone of innovation when it comes to cutting edge technology, luxury at the pinnacle and peak performance when automobiles are concerned. Established early in the 19th century, the company is among the market leaders in the industry and generates a review of over 60 billion US Dollars annually. The company headquarters is based in Germany and is also German in origin though cars are manufactures in all five continents around the globe. It produces cars and motorcycles and mostly specializes in super cars. Throughout the world BMW is regarded as a sign of quality, class and tremendous luxury. The structure of the company includes Mini and Rolls-Royce as its subsidiaries which specialize in other cars and target other market segments. BMW on the other hand develops cars in various classes including the 1, 3, 5 and 7 series which are the trademark of the company. Other models include the X series of jeeps and four wheel drive vehicles, the z-series and the sport M series as well. The company produced 1481253 automobiles and 112271 motorcycles across all brands in 2006 and had a profit of 3 Billion Dollars (US).


Article publié pour la première fois le 18/07/2012

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