Let’s do the floors!

Marble and tile floors are getting common worldwide along with wooden panels. They are not only easy to clean and maintain but also look very beautiful and give the entire house a very stylish look.

Such floors are a beauty in themselves but if you add small sized rugs, matching your curtains and furniture, you can make your floor look even more elegant. Full sized large carpets are very much out of fashion and smaller rugs, cut into different shapes are the new trend. You can also add runners to your corridors and arrange indoor plants along with them to add a very classy effect.

Rugs are available in many different colors, styles and designs. If your furniture is dark, a light colored rug will complement it. In case the dim surroundings, adding a bright rug will enhance the beauty of the room.

Circular rugs can be placed under the center table or an empty circular hall way under a chandelier. Long runners can do your galleries or bed side. Rectangular rugs can be placed in rooms and living areas. You can arrange more than one rug which may complement each other or might be in complete contrast. It depends on how you want to decorate your house and what color and styles are you choosing. A good idea would be to place rugs in well lighted area so that the colors of the rug come out and freshens the environment. Rugs will surely increase the beauty of your floor and house many folds if you choose the right style, size and color!

Article publié pour la première fois le 15/02/2012

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