Lets holiday!

Our generation has somehow undermined the importance of holidaying. We consider ourselves robots that can go on to work without resting, even a little!

It is a very wrong perception because it tires our mind and body and thus, deteriorates our efficiency and performance. Over worked mind fails to think in a quick pace and so, it becomes stagnant. Holidaying is just as important for your mind as it is for your body!

Being on a holiday does not mean that you should be away from town, in to some isolated, beautiful island. If it is the case, then you are certainly very lucky, but even if it is not, then you can still reap the purpose! The prime purpose of being off from work is doing no work! Just sit back in your couch, sip coffee, watch television and do anything which you want to do other than doing your everyday mundane and routine tasks.

This is very important as it relaxes your body and mind. It gives time to your nerves to loosen up and relax. It also allows you to get your tensions off your shoulders and put all your stress aside. By doing this, you will be back into your natural state where there are no hustles and no deadlines. You can just be a carefree and casual individual.

By just enjoying only a couple of such days, you will feel an urge to go back to your work, all afresh! You will feel rejuvenated and alive, again! You will feel an eager to perform better more efficiently. A rush of zeal will run through your body and you will feel to have a much greater grip on your temper and patience, as you will be relaxed and more willing to work. Hence, your performance will improve many folds!

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/03/2012

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