Lip gloss that lasts longer

Lip gloss is a very useful thing as it makes the lips pop out.

Women are always looking for a long-wear lip gloss. Lip gloss makes your lips look plumper instantly; the shine of gloss is adored by almost everyone. Before finishing a cup of coffee most lip glosses wear off. Other long lasting lip gloss are known for being overly sticky and making crusties on the lips.

All of this can be avoided by using Clinique’s Long Lasting Lip Gloss. It has a pleasant thick texture, immediate feeling of moisturizing  is felt after application. It delivers the right amount, which eliminates the need to blot and is easy to use.

Clinique promises that the gloss will last for eight hours. But research has shown that most women give it a respectable four or five.

Everyone likes full, big lips until recently the only way to get big lips was by submitting to a cosmetic surgery or injections. Now it seems that there are lip gloss that can increase the size of the lips for a little while. As they contain menthol, folic acid or certain vitamins, they will increase the size of the lips.

So women can enjoy bigger, full lips for a longer time as there are lip gloss that lasts longer and will make them more attractive and in them create more confidence so they can do things much easily and better.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/10/2012

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