Matt Damon shunned, Jeremy Renner is the New Bourne!

You know you always wanted to be a secret agent, an undercover op. or a spy. Watching every CSI episode there is, twice, waiting impatiently for the Bourne sequel, BUT

Replacing Matt Damon’s role as Jason Bourne, what have they done… The latest chapter of the Bourne series The Bourne Legacy will be released mid-summer, with Jeremy Renner as the lead.

Apart of similar short hairstyle and body structure, Jeremy Renner is nothing like Matt Damon. Good old Matty added such un-impersonateable charm to his character that captured the audience and left them in awe. The way he moved, shot, punched had style that cannot be recreated. Fans of Bourne trilogy have emotional attachment to Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner has appeared in a very limited amount of movies with even a lesser screen time, and the only reason for this can be his expressionless face and attitude.

Matt Damon has Oscar rated movies to his name like Good Will Hunting, the Oceans trilogy etc. The only movie that Jeremy Renner could be accounted for is ‘The Hurt Locker.’ Matt Damon was born to be Bourne. But the producers of Bourne added in a twist, they introduced in a new character to be played by Edward Norton.

Now the question is could Jeremy Renner reach the standard set by Matt Damon. Could he be that ultimate Bourne, Matt Damon was?


Article publié pour la première fois le 09/02/2012

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