Microsoft India hacked!

Hacking is becoming an everyday problem of today. No person and no organization is safe. Not even the most sophisticated ones. NASA was hacked last week and now Microsoft India was hacked by Chinese hackers who accessed the usernames and passwords of people making deals in buying Microsoft’s software online. These hackers called themselves ‘ Evil Shadow Team’ and as soon as they hacked the website, they posted the message ‘unsafe system will be baptized!’.

Microsoft, as soon as it found out, took its website down and displayed a message saying that they are trying to regain access to their website and it will be up as soon as the problem will et fixed. They apologized for the inconvenience caused to its users! Now the ironical part is that the world largest and most sophisticated software company is trying to get access to its own website! Here the alarming concerns is that when the most advanced and controlled online data bases are not safe from hackers, how can individuals with simple and unsafe usernames and passwords ensure their security and privacy. Also, such acts can result in a cyber war, crashing or manipulating precious data which had worth years of research and development. Even when these acts are legally punishable, they are rarely practiced as hackers are impossible to trace down.

Indian police agency’s website was hacked two years ago by a group of hacker namely ‘ Pakistan’s cyber army’. Since then IT engineers of India have been lamenting the lack of awareness and legislation regarding hacking and hackers.  The point still remains that since they are hard to track down, threat of punishment is very low. Awareness would do the job as people should know that what they are doing is a crime an is morally unacceptable. They should also know that if they are caught the penalties are severe and huge. These might serve as a disincentive to hack. Along side new and better methods of data encryption should be developed to make cyber space a safer place!


Article publié pour la première fois le 07/03/2012

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