Mistakes made while using beauty products

Everyone looks for easy way to do things, no matter what they are. People always look for shortcuts and this is where they make mistakes that make them look ridiculous. Here are some things you should never do, some mistake you make while using beauty products.

A common mistake that is made is that they put on makeup on both their eyes and their mouths. This is a bad thing as it can look bad as if someone has over done with their makeup.

Another mistake that people use is that they may put on every kind of lotion but that is not important. Always have sun screen on, no matter what the weather. The best thing is to buy a moisturizer with as SPF of 15.

It should be noted if you are using foundation on your face, try to put some on your neck and behind your ears as well. If you are out and you decide to put your hair up in a bun, the difference on the back of your ears and face will show and it will look ridiculous.

Never use hair removal cream on you upper lip, it does not only take your hair off but your skin too. We all know egg is good for our hair but what you need to do is stay out of heat or never sit under the sun; if you are, it will cook in your hair and make a huge mess. Mascara, it may look amazing but if u put too much it makes lumps and looks unnatural.

These are some mistakes made by people while using beauty products.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/10/2012

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