Jobs 2012 – Top 5 most stressful jobs

1. Advertising Agency Executive

Median Salary: $64,107

This might be the most overestimated sector of jobs of year 2012.  Just because these jobs might seem cool or valued for Hollywood material it’s not what meets the eye or what you hear!  These jobs makes you work tirelessly on nonstop hours of office stewardship for an overrated paycheck.

2. Senior Corporate Executive
Median Salary: $166,141

Being an employee of such jobs as these can be really walking on thin ice if you start appreciating what you’re in for. While you make your decisions, you are ought to cripple an industry, idle your company workers and sue yourself for all your worth if your calculations aren’t correct. So think again before applying for this category of jobs!

3. Commercial Airline Pilot
Median Salary: $103,158

While many might think these jobs are elite occupation with limitless soaring in the sky, well it’s quite the contrary! Recent cost cut downs have not only forced the industry budget but the many pilots have quit their jobs. Besides the recent turn of events, it involves a Sang-froid mind as the lives of all passengers are on your neck.

4. Architect
Median Salary: $73,179

Architect jobs are well reputed for their poshness and mental sternness but in reality it’s not quite the rockstar picture everyone perceives (not if you watch “How I Met Your Mother”). Recent developments have forced many architects in the making to change their field of work and others to lose their jobs.

5. Surgeon
Median Salary: $305,078

Becoming a surgeon is long haul but being is considered an even tougher job. This profession is often characterized by immense devotion and emotional mastery but it’s not what you see on “Grey’s Anatomy” or “House”.  If you believe surgeons are hot shots who get to woo their colleagues each and every day, well you’re either lost or too late!

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/10/2012

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