Most Worthless and Worse Jobs; Top Five in the List

Top 5 worst jobs.

At this point in the recession it’s probably safe to say any job is a good job, but according to a study conducted by the concerned job search portals , in order to identify the best, you have to also determine which are the worst. After all, not all of us can have employment in finances or IT industry.

The worst 5 are quite surprising and their methodology makes me wonder if they took into account things like pensions, vacations and benefits. How else could cops and temporary circus workers rank so closely together?

Whatever is the case, here is the list of 5 worst jobs in 2012. We hope your job is not on the list. Good Luck reading!

5. Welders








Salaries that start at $23,000 and top out at $51,000, Welding is considered not a good job if you’re thinking to live the american dream.

4. Dairy Farmers








Salaries that start at $21,000 and top out at $45,000. Dairy farmers consider them unlucky because of their stinky job.

3. Iron Workers








Iron workers these days don’t make a lot and they rank on number 3  on the list, with annual salaries of around 22000$ to 49000$.

2. Lumberjacks

If you’re a logger or anything related to that you consider yourself at spot number 2 in this list.








Salaries that start at $22,000 and top out at $47,000 annually

1. Circus Workers

And the worst job of 2012 is circus workers with the minimum salaries, grading and respect.








Salaries that start at $21,000 and top out at $49,000 annually.

Well that is the list for the worst jobs of the year 2012.

Article publié pour la première fois le 16/10/2012

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