Nails as you want them!

Long finger nails are loved by girls all over the globe but they deteriorate when you work in kitchen or hold books or bags all day long. They often cling into your stuff and break down. Here are a few tips about how to keep healthy looking white nails!

Excessive and continuous use of nail colour pales you finger nails and leave spots on them. A good idea would be to remove your nail color every second day and give your nails a rest for a few hours and then apply the nail color again. Always use a good brand of nail color as it is something which stays on your nail for a long period of time. Also, while removing the nail color, use a good quality nail polish remover. Nail polishes and removers with pungent smells are normally acidic and make your nails weaker.

Maintain your calcium intake. Add milk and yoghurt to your diet. Eat green vegetables as they also contain calcium and iron, both of which are good for your nails. Many companies have come up with special serums for nails or they have custom made hand and nail lotions which have a high vitamin E content. These products will also help you maintaining healthy looking nails.

Finally, foil your nails at least once a week. This keeps your nails smooth and mend the rough edges so that they will not tangle with anything and break down.

Article publié pour la première fois le 15/02/2012

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