Natural hair treatment ingredients

There are a lot of things that are natural and can be used as hair treatment ingredients. Most of these are our everyday items that we use in our homes. They are mostly used by us to eat.

Raw eggs are one of the best hair treatments, the yolk contains proteins, fats and is naturally moisturizing while the white contains bacteria eating enzymes which remove oils. We should use a whole egg to treat normal hair and only the white to treat oily hair. Use the egg on clean, damp hair. Keep it on for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water and then shampoo your hair. Just make sure that you don’t sit under the sun or in a hot place as the egg will cook in your hair making a huge mess.

Plain yogurt or sour cream is also a good thing. Pour ½ cup on damp hair and sit still for 20 minutes, then rinse it with warm water followed by cool water then you will need to use shampoo as you usually do.


Honey is also very good for our hair and it is a natural humectants which attracts and locks in moisture. This is amazing for people with dry hair but you should be useful when using this as insects are attracted to it and it will be a huge problem. Also wash your hair properly and make sure none of it is left on your hair.




Avocado is a great thing to repair your damaged hair with. The oils are light and moist like our normal skin secretions and the proteins boast the best combination of nutrients for weighing and smoothing down frizzy hair.


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