Nose blockage and how to cure it

There is one thing that always happens whenever the weather changes that is certain, that is we catch a cold, we get sick, ill and as a result we get nose blockage. It is very annoying as it gives us a runny nose and gives the impression a person is not hygienic.

Nose blockage causes many discomforts. It makes it difficult to breath, makes it hard to sleep, causing snoring, changes taste and smells. It is not only bad for the person who has it but also the person who has to share the room as they get to hear him snore all night long.

There are many things that we are told to do to fix this, which is we are told to gargle with warm water which has salt dissolved in it. We are also told to boil water, then breath in the steam to release the tension and open the blocked nose. These do work and need to be done if the nose blockage is to certain extent but if it’s not it can be done in a very simple way.

The thing that not many people know is that there is a simple natural mechanism to clear it out and we don’t need anything, which is not in our body to clear it out.

All we need to do is push our tongue against the top of our mouth and place a finger between our eyebrows and apply pressure, hold is for about 20-30 seconds and our sinuses will begin to drain.

This clears the nose blockage and helps us breath free and easy.

Article publié pour la première fois le 18/10/2012

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