Occupy London Protesters Subjected to Forced Eviction

Police and bailiffs marched in to evict the Occupy London protesters who had been camping at St Paul’s Cathedral since October 2011. A total of 20 people were arrested during the operation that commenced around mid-night.

The movement was refused permission during the previous week to go into appeal against a High Court decision that allowed for the protesters to be evicted.

While most protesters were spotted reiterating their resolve to continue their struggle against ‘corporate greed’, virtually no incident of physical resistance was reported outside the Cathedral.

The entire episode has raised a number of questions in the minds of those supporting Occupy London. The timing of the operation for one thing was most perturbing. Knowing that many of the protestors did not belong to the city of London itself but rather they had traveled from all parts of the country with no immediate place for shelter makes one question as to why ‘mid-night’ was chosen as the time for carrying out the eviction.

Although, the operation at hand had the legal cover of a court’s ruling, one cannot help but draw comparisons to the unwelcome treatment extended to peaceful, civilian protesters in third world countries – what the Government of UK has done is not much different.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/02/2012

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