Ombre hair trend is the new fashion!

Did you last notice how Mila Kunis did her hair? If yes then you must have seen how her medium length hair strands changed and descended in their shade along the hair length. This new hair style is called Ombre hair trend.
Ombre is a French word which means descend or change in color. Ombre hair style is adapted by many A line Hollywood actresses and so the trend is getting popular with many women. Ombre hair trend has an amazing quality that it suits every eye color and hair color with a little amount of color transition.
Ombre hair can be acquired by using two hair color shades. One hair shade is darker in nature and falls in the spectrum of browns and blacks. The other hair color is lighter in its tone and falls under the spectrum of light brown to golden blonde.

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/07/2012

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