Oscars 2012 – Best Dressed at the Red Carpet

The Oscars are over, the verdict is out and we all know who went home with Hollywood’s favorite lady in their hand. It’s now time to indulge in a little post-award analysis of the stars who might not have won an award last night but they did manage to win the awe of their fans owing to their larger than life appearances at the red carpet!

Here’s Knowzzle’s take on the best dressed celebs who graced the Oscars’ Red Carpet last evening.

Jennifer Lopez

It goes without saying that J.Lo is one beautiful woman who never fails to make us go all ga-ga over her each time she makes an appearance. But when it comes to award shows, Lopez goes an extra mile with her outfit to ensure that the world continues to talk about her weeks after the event is over! Dressed in a Zuhair Murad white dress that reflected so many succulent of her skin, Lopez was a personification of beauty, power and glory all at once! Two thumbs up for this gal!

Angelina Jolie

It is hard to compile a ‘Best Dressed’ list without including Angelina Jolie in it! No matter what and who she wears, Jolie manages to give the dress a life of its own. Arriving at the red carpet adorned in a black, velvet Atelier Versace with a slit that went ‘extremely’ up north, Jolie set the red carpet on fire the moment she laid foot on it! The fact that she accessorized with Brad Pitt on her shoulder only made the magic so much more awe-inspiring!

Emma Stone

If there is one word that would describe Emma Stone’s attire at the Oscars, it would have to be ‘graceful’. Some might find her Giambattista Valli dress with a huge bow at the neck as outlandish, but for us it was one of the most exquisite looks that any star had sported at this year’s red carpet.

Rooney Mara

Mara drapped in her white Giveinchy gown and scarlet red lip color was without a shadow of doubt one of the best looking celebrities to have stepped on the Oscar’s red carpet this year.

Shaileni Woodley

If for nothing else, Woodley deserves to be on this list for pleasantly surprising us with a dress that opted to cover-up rather than reveal! The constrained neckline, the drappy full-sleeves and the medivial hair style all added up to make this starlet look an art piece from the classical era.

Here’s the take of Knowzzle’s fashion police on Oscars 2012; if you want to talk about your personal favorites feel free to comment away!

Article publié pour la première fois le 27/02/2012

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