Pakistan Military Develops the World’s Cheapest Tablet

Pakistani military’s ever growing commercial empire has now developed an indigenously produced iPad called PacPad at Kamra Air Force Complex.

This device that runs on Android 2.3, an operating system made by Google will be available for $200 – making it the cheapest tablet available in the market. Not only is the device cheaper than even the low-end Chinese tabs but comes with an added advantage of a one-year guarantee. ‘PAC’ is an abbreviation for Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, the place where it was created.

Apart from the tablet, PAC has also come up with its own brand of e-readers and mini laptop.

While only a few hundred units have been manufactured in the first run, it is expected that PacPad will go into mass production in the coming three months. The PacPad has been built in partnership with Innavtek, a company that also specializes in building state of the art parts for the war planes.

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/02/2012

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