Pick up Lines that Wont Help You Get Laid

Being single and dating is the zest of life. It’s exciting to be on a first date, eagerly wanting to hear more about the other. Out of the blue, your date says the cheesiest pick up line in your entire dating history. I bet one word pops in your mind: fail. Pick up lines have been around for generations. In the older times, they were called courtship. They were bad then, and they’re getting worse. Here are some of these torture conversation starters that never lead to second date.

– “I know how to please women.” If this comes up, you may just answer, “So do I”. And he is out of your life forever.
– “When anorexics see you, they’d go on a diet.” A warning to men: never mention the words anorexic and diet on a first encounter with a woman, let alone in one sentence.
– “May I flirt with you?” When you hear this pickup line, be honest and just vomit.
– “What’s your sign?” This is a perfect example where a pickup line functions as a warning signal that you are about to engage into sleazy exchange with a socially impaired.
– “I lost my number. Can I borrow yours?” Yes, give him a wrong number. It won’t hurt anyone.

One good thing about pickup lines is that they created a sensation in the comedy scene. They’re a little shabby but they will make you smile. But remember, these should not, in under any circumstance, be used as actual pickup lines, yes they are funny, and can be used to break the ice, but these would definitely NOT help you get laid.

– “You may fall from the sky or you may fall from a tree. But the best way to fall is to fall in love with me.”
– “Do you have a license? Because you’re driving me crazy.”
– “Bond… James Bond.”
– “Are you a dictionary? Because you give meaning to my life.”
– If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.

Indulging in pretentious pathetic speech is a desperate cry for company. No one will join you in your loneliness. If you want to know someone better, politely invite them for a cup of coffee. Or just nod and say hello when you pass them. When in a date, just be genuinely happy and do everything in meaningful, sincere way. Then, without so much effort, your date will be drawn to you.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/12/2012

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