Plants to freshen us all!

Plants add a very fresh effect into interiors be it home or office. While choosing plants there are a few things you should keep in mind. Most important is that try to use ever green plants for your garden because such plants are comparatively easy to maintain as their leaves fall less and they remain green and fresh all year round. They never get dull, dead and depressing and so keep the beauty of your lawn alive. Ever green plants also require less water and feeds and so they are cost effective as well.


When it comes to the plantation of flowers, you have no option but to deal with seasonal ones. In that case you need to know and follow up the planting and flowering seasons as you need to seed them a little time before the flowering seasons so that the plants can grow and get developed enough to be able to flower at the appropriate time. Seasonal plants specially flowers like roses and pansies require a lot of proper water and feed. They need good healthy soil which is well watered, otherwise the quality of flower will be deteriorated.


There are some in door plants which are also ever green. They are normally plants which do not flower. They are types of pines, palms and cactuses. The problem with pines is that they take years before they get mature and grow. Their growth is very slow  and clumsy. Palms are comparatively faster in growth. They look pretty and require lesser care. They do not need much water as well. However, you need to expose them to sun light after a couple of days for a few hours so that they can get their required sugar content made. Cactus needs minimal water and care when it comes to indoor plants. They look nice and elegant however they normally have thorns and are not good for homes with children. If placed, they should be placed in places well out of reach of children.


Money plant is also a very popular  when it comes to indoor plants. They are perhaps easiest to keep. You can easily change their pots by just cutting a branch and planting it else where. They grow quickly and require very less care. They can also grow in water and you can let a branch grow in a vase of water easily.

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